Spring WhiteHouse Cups

The first round of the Whitehouse Cups took place on Sunday 24th April, with 14 teams taking to the course, playing the format of Mixed Foursomes Medal with men off white tees and ladies off red tees.

The course was in excellent condition and the weather was fantastic, all teams enjoyed the afternoon and the meal after provided by Neil and his team.

The results were Winners - Debbie Martin-Stanley and Pete Stanley with nett 69, Runners up - Carol Yates and Mark New with nett 71 and 3rd place went to Sandra and Matt Lamgmead with nett 73 (on countback).

John Jones and Ruth Masters (1st) and Rich and Lesley Curnock (14th) shared the birdie sweep.

Mixed Christmas Golf Competitions 4th December

The annual Christmas competitions took place on Saturday the 4th December. Both events were well attended and luckily the weather was kind to us and stayed dry although very cold.

The morning event was a Three Ball Shotgun Stableford competition with best two scores to count. Twenty seven people took part for the prompt start at 8am.

Mulled wine and mince pies halfway were very welcome.

The winners with 84 points were Rob Leach, Geoff Wellens, and Jackie Kerr .

Second with 72 points were Stu Berry, Dave Bushell and Elaine Baird.

Third with 71 points were Alan Duffy, Dave Ansell, and John Richards.

The winner of the longest drive, Stu. Berry ( men) Elaine Baird ( Ladies )

Nearest the pin was Dave Ansell (men), No winner for the ladies.

Many thanks to Gillian and Hana for administering the mulled wine and mince pies.

The afternoon event was a Four Ball Shotgun Stableford Competition with two best scores to count starting at 12 noon. Forty- Four players took part.

The afternoon was a very cold wind and I think most players were very glad of a respite from the wind, and the warm mulled wine and mince pies.

The winners with 84 points were Brian Marshall Mark Harrison, Mike
Abraham and Gus Orchard.

Second with 82 points were Stuart Ridley, Andrew Budnik, Sandra Langmead and Ken Hunt.

Third with 80 points on count back were Paul Sharpe, Dave Higgins, Debbie Martin-Stanley and Andy Johns.

The winner of the longest drive was Brian Marshall (men), Lesley Curnock ( Ladies )

Nearest the pin was A. Barber ( men ) ( Sandra Langmead ( Ladies )

Many thanks to Sandy and Sue for their help.

Thanks also to Rob and Geoff with finding replacements and help with the competition.

Special thanks to Fraser for help with all the computer work and organization.

Autumn Triads Competition 17th October 2021

21 players turned up to play in the Autumn Triads competition, which was a good turn out.

It was a lovely sunny afternoon after a wet start to the day, so we were very lucky and I think everyone enjoyed being out playing golf.

1st Place. Fraser Williamson, Annie Bird and Margaret Roberts.

2nd Place. Alistair MacDonald, Penny Osborne, and Sue Taylor.

Steve Young won the Birdie competition.

Our thanks go to Margaret Williams for stepping in at the last minute, and to Brian Osborne for playing even though he was not feeling a hundred percent.

We had a very tasty meal of either Duck or salmon followed by trifle or lemon tart. Our catering staff as usual provided a good meal and catered to all our needs. Many thanks to Neil and his staff.

Thanks to everyone for taking part.

Our next mixed competition is the Christmas competition on the 4th December.

Autumn Whitehouse Cup Competition

There were 32 players who took part in the Autumn Whitehouse Cup Competition on 3rd October 2021. We were lucky to have a mainly dry afternoon everyone enjoyed themselves. A closely fought match.

The winners with 69 were Roger Herd and Margaret Roberts.

Second Place with 70 were Mark New and Conryn Abbott.

Third Place with 72 were Brian Marshall and Jean Bevan.

Pete and Sarah Moore and Brian Marshall and Jean Bevan also won in the Birdie competition.

There were 21 players who had a delicious meal after the game much appreciated by all, and thanks to our catering staff.

Many thanks to all who took part.

The next competition is the Autumn Triads on 17th

Midsummer Madness Friday 18th June 2021 4.30 AM

Well unlike the event in 2019 we were not blessed with a
beautiful sunrise however it did not rain on us apart from a little mizzle
first thing.

21 mad golfers got up in the darkness and they were well
rewarded for their trouble recording terrific scores followed by Bucks Fizz
then a hearty breakfast for all provided by Neil and his team from the new
caterers.  Special thanks to them for
preparing and serving the food at such an early hour and thank you to all who
took part this year.

1st place – Penny Osborne, Ian Baird and Mike
Brumage with 86 points.

2nd place – Sarah Moore, Mark Adams and Sue
Taylor with 83 points.

3rd place – Conryn Abbott, Chris Jewkes and John
Hutcheon with 76 points.

Mixed Spring Triads 8th March 2020

The first mixed competition of the season and we were fortunate to have a mainly dry and sunny afternoon, although blustery winds.

Twenty one members took part including our Lady Captain.

I think everyone enjoyed the game even with the difficult conditions.

Thirteen people stayed for a delicious meal provided by Bev and Rhiannon.

The Winners were Matt Langmead, Pat Saville and Ken Hunt with 74 points.
Runners up were Margaret Williams, Fraser Williamson, and Conryn Abbott with 71 points.

There were two Birdie winners, Pete Moore and Matt Langmead.

Thanks to all who took part also to Elaine for working hard when not feeling too well. Special Thanks to Carol Yates for standing in for Mel at the last minute.

The next competition is the Am Am on 5th April. The sign up sheet is in the foyer so please sign up and come and enjoy these mixed competitions.

Mixed Christmas Competition Saturday 14th December

Well what can be said about this competition!!! Didn’t we do well, 27 hardy golfers braving the occasional rain, brilliant sunshine but an unforgiving biting cold wind that at times threatened to knock you off your feet.

On behalf of the organisers we would like to thank them all for turning out and playing the 18 holes in good spirit and good scoring. Very boggy on the way but considering the amount of rain we have encountered recently, the course was playable, just. We would like to extend a huge thanks to Audrey Tomkins and Jean Roberts for keeping us all going with the very hot mulled wine and delicious warm mince pies. A big Thank you to Peter Lawrence for donating the mince pies. Thank you to Dinah Wood, Carol Yates and Grantham Speake for stepping in to make up teams. Thank you to Rob for taking the money and sorting out the winners in his usual calm manner. The Mixed committee would also like to thank the kitchen staff and the outgoing catering manager, Mark New, for all their support and hard work during the year. Last but not least we would like to thank the ground staff who have had a very difficult year and have always presented the course in its best possible state, weather permitting.

So to the results:

1st place with 87 points were Chris Jewkes, Elaine Baird and Mike Brumage.

2nd place with 72 points on count back were Mark Adams, Dinah Wood and Ron Smith.

3rd place with 72 points were Grantham Speake, Margaret Roberts and Derek Stanley.

Nearest the pin on the 9th was won by Chris Jewkes, no lady drove on to the green (however my drive ended up 2 inches off it!!)

Nearest the line for the ladies was won by Gill Smith and for the men by Ian Baird.

Look forward to seeing you all in the Mixed competitions in 2020.

Mixed Autumn Triads Sunday 20th October 2019.

Unlike the weather conditions in the Spring Triads competition, 24 golfers were blessed with favourable weather on this penultimate mixed event. Special welcome to new members Mark and Julia Atherton, and thanks to Carol Yates and Mike Izod for making up the needed numbers. 15 stayed on for the meal which as ever was well received and ably prepared and served by Bev, Rhiannon and Hayley.

On behalf of the organisers thank you to all for supporting this event and here’s to the final one of the year, the Mixed Christmas Competition on Saturday 14th December 2019. The sign-up sheet is on the Mixed Event noticeboard.

Winners with 77 points were trio of Mark Adams, Conryn Abbott and Marlene Billings; runners up were John Richards, Carol Yates and Elaine Baird.

There were several winners in the Birdie Sweep: John Richards on the 1st and 15th; Mark New on the 17th; Mark Adams on the 13th and Mark Atherton on the 7th.

Organisers Elaine Baird, Margaret Roberts & Gill Smith

The Frank Vincent Trophy Knockout Competition 2019

This competition was once again well supported with 18 pairs competing during the summer months. Well done to all for completing your matches in the given time and the organisers hope you all had enjoyable matches.

The winners this year were Mark New and Conryn Abbott and the runners-up were Ken Hunt and Joan Hunt.

Thank you all for your support in this and all Mixed In-House events.

Whitehouse Cup 6th October 2019

Well weren’t we very lucky with the weather, that raindance must have worked, will try that for the next competition in two weeks time !!

24 golfers took to the course and special thanks go to Mike Izod and Gill Smith for stepping in at the last minute. The course was magnificent as ever and all seemed to have an enjoyable day, but perhaps not always magnificent golf. 15 stayed for the delicious meal served, as ever efficiently, by Bev and Rhiannon. The results are as follows:

Whitehouse Cup winners – Mark New and Marlene Billings Nett 75
2nd place – Mark Adams and Margaret Williams Nett 75.5
3rd place – Mike Izod and Gill Smith Nett 78.5

Birdie Sweep:
Mark New and Marlene Billings on the 18th

Midsummer Madness

Friday 21st June 2019 4.30 AM

Midsummer it definitely was, madness it was not. What a glorious day to be on the golf course and didn’t that course look magnificent in the breaking day.

21 hardy souls got up in the darkness and they were well rewarded for their trouble with a magnificent morning followed by Bucks Fizz on the patio in the sunshine, then a hearty breakfast for all. Special thanks to Bev and Yana for preparing and serving the food at such an early hour and thank you to all for taking part this year.

Some have already signed up for next year !!

1st place – Mel Evans, Ian Baird and Malcolm Carnell with 72 points.
2nd place – Elaine Baird, Brian Osborne and Victor Job with 70 points.

Whitehouse Cup 28th April 2019

On a glorious April day, 36 golfers took to the fairways for this annual Spring cup competition. Format was changed to ladies tee off at the first tee as a trial adjustment, jury still out on whether this was a good format or not.

It would seem by the overall scores which were higher than last autumns cup that perhaps some found this a harder course to play. After announcing the winners 19 enjoyed a delicious meal and very good company.


Whitehouse Cup winners – Malcolm Carnall and Marlene Billings
2nd place – Brian and Penny Osborne
3rd place (on count back) – Richard and Lesley Curnock

Birdie Sweep:

Mike and Yvonne Kriese on the 6th.
Rich and Lesley Curnock on the 6th.
Mike Brumage and Jean Bevan on the 7th.

Mixed AMAM Sunday 14th April 2019

The second Mixed event of the year was well attended and enjoyed despite the freezing temperature on the day. 28 golfers took part in this competition and feedback was that the golf was good fun but the organisers need to sort out the weather!!

16 stayed on for a delicious meal ably prepared and served by the kitchen staff.

Winners with 88 points were quartet of Mike Brumage, Patsy Brumage, Howard Browne and Mel Evans; runners up with 77 points on count back were Mark New, Marlene Billings, John Richards and Gill Smith.

The Birdie Sweep was shared by 5 golfers: Mark New, John Richards, Brian Osborne, Ruth Masters and Howard Browne.

Mixed Spring Triads 10th March 2019

Despite gale force wind and at times driving snow and hailstones, 30 hardy golfers took to the fairways for the first Mixed 2019 event. Everyone completed the course which was a feat in itself and not surprisingly scores were not that high but the general consensus was that the event went well.

20 stayed on for the meal which was delicious and very capably catered and served by the young staff. The day was special for one member of the entrants, Joan Hunt celebrated a ‘large’ birthday with all toasting her health with some bubbly and several renditions of ‘Happy Birthday’.

On behalf of the organisers thank you to all for supporting this event and here’s to the next one, the AM AM on Sunday 14th April. The sign-up sheet is on the Mixed Event noticeboard.

Winners with 64 points were trio of John Richards, Conryn Abbott and Roger Smith; runners up were Ken Hunt, Stephanie Bartlett and Pat Saville. The Birdie Sweep was won by the only birdie on the day, David Kewley

Mixed Christmas Competition

This annual competition took place on Saturday 8th December.

Unfortunately only an afternoon event took place, when 30 players in drawn teams of three, best two scores to count took to the course for the 12 noon shotgun start. Each team enjoyed a welcomed pitstop to partake in a well deserved hot mince pie and mulled wine. Good Stableford scores were hard to come by due to damp conditions, however winning with a total of 72 points on count back were Richard Curnock, Mark Harrison and Gill Smith.

Runners up were John Richards, Geoff Burton and Marlene Billings and 3rd place with 68 points were Ashley Curnock, Ken Hunt and Conryn Abbott.

Other prizes were for Longest Drives, Stephanie Bartlett and Ashley Curnock and Nearest the Pins were Annie Bird and Ian Axcell.

Birdies were achieved by Anne Cowley, Richard Curnock, Mark Harrison, John Richards, Ashley Curnock, Ian Axcell, Annie Bird and Matt Langmead.

Special thanks go to Pete Lawrance for providing the mince pies, cost of which was kindly donated to the Captains Charity and to the helpers, Enid Walker and Gillian Spencer.

Autumn Triads

On a beautiful Autumnal Sunday seven drawn teams of three played in the penultimate mixed in house event of the year. With the best two scores to count all were hoping their team would excel. Good scores were handed in to the Pro shop as the teams returned but it wasn’t until the final teams’ card was handed in, that the winners were declared on count back.

The winning team was Brian Osborne, Malcolm Carnall and Yvonne Kriese with 78, followed by Ian Tyrrell, Marlene Billings and Pat Saville.

Birdies were achieved on the 9th by Joan Hunt, 13th by Brian Osborne and 16th by Ian Tyrrell.

After the presentation of The Frank Vincent Trophy and the days winners, all enjoyed a two course supper with tales of the ‘if only’s’.

The Frank Vincent Trophy

Eighteen mixed pairs competed for the prestigious Frank Vincent Trophy in the matchplay knockout competition starting in May and culminating with the final in October. The final was played between Ian Hughes with partner Ruth Masters and David Higgins with partner Carol Yates. It was a very close contest with Ian and Ruth 2 up until David and Carol won the 15th and 16th to make it all square. They then won the 17th and halved the 18th to become the eventual winners. Well done David and Carol, an extremely well suited pair! The presentation was made after the Autumn Triads competition on 21st October.

Pictured is David, Carol and Club Captain Ian Tyrrell.

Autumn Whitehouse Cups

The Mixed In-house Autumn Whitehouse Cups Competition was held on Sunday 7th October. An enthusiastic, large turn out of 18 mixed pairs took to the fairways in ideal conditions. The Foursomes Medal format proved very exacting and resulted in a very close group of top scores. Eventual winners were Richard Curnock and Penny Osborne with a nett score of 73.5, runners up were John Stanley and Conryn Abbott with 74 and third Doug Sharp and Dinah Wood with 74.5.

Pictured are the winners with Club Captain, Ian Tyrrell.

Three generations of Homers joined with Hugh Homer at Evesham to celebrate his 91st Birthday, along with 27 Evesham Members for a 9 hole competition.

The Trophy was presented to Evesham Golf Club in honour of Hugh both in recognition of his long membership - 33 years - and, more importantly, his 90th birthday. This is the second year of this event.

The Trophy winners with 54 points were:

David & Lesley Kewley, Michael & Yvonne Kriese. For second place with 49 points were Audrey Tomkins, Ken Hardacre, Peter Gilbert and Ray Smart. Closely followed by Captain Ian Tyrrell’s team of Conryn Abbott, Graham Pulfer and Peter Ratledge with 47 points.

Whitehouse Cups

Sunday 6th May saw the staging of the prestigious Whitehouse Cups Competition. Twenty four players entered and enjoyed pleasant, yet challenging conditions which were reflected in the eventual scores.

The sunshine attracted everyone out on to the patio for post match chatter before Club Captain, Ian Tyrrell made the presentations. Ian was very keen to announce the third place, which was himself and Margaret Roberts before moving on to announcing the runners up as Steve Young and Marlene Billings coming in with 78.5 points. Our overall winners were Granthan Speake and Anne Cowley with 77 points. There was only one birdie on the day, being on the 1st by Richard and Lesley Curnock. Afterwards a very convivial 2 course dinner and drinks was enjoyed by all.

Mixed AM AM

The annual Mixed AM AM took place on Sunday 15th April with 5 teams taking part. Conditions were trying which were reflected in the scoring. However, the winners managed a very respectable score, the results are as follows:

The winning team with 80 points was:
Howard Browne, Marlene Billings, Steve Young and Eunice Allen.

Runners up with 77 points were:
Mark New, Conryn Abbott, Malcolm Carnall and Sue Taylor.

Birdies were:
Steve Young - 2 on the 7th and 15th, Geoff Insall - 1 on the 4th, Richard Curnock- 1 on the 6th and Mark New 1 on the 9th.Presentations were made immediately before a hearty meal was enjoyed by all.

Brian and Penny Osborne.

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