Dress Code

The following Dress Rules apply in the clubhouse and on the course

(If the style of clothes can be bought in the pro-shop, then they may be worn on the course)


On the course

Shorts must be tailored and of an approved type, not shorter that 2" above the knee and may be worn with long or short white or coloured sports socks.

Men may wear round neck or collared shirts which must have sleeves.

Ladies may wear round neck or collared shirts with sleeves or sleeveless.

In the Clubhouse

As above but preferably not the clothes that have been worn on the course that day.

No hats to be worn in the clubhouse.

Dining area

Smart causal wear as appropriate to the occasion, as would be defined by the majority of reasonably minded people.

Formal occasions. Jackets and ties (for men) may be required as decided by an officer of the club or organiser of an event.

Non-approved clothing – clubhouse or course

Combat, military, cargo and those trousers or shorts which have battle pouches or leg pockets, trainers, tee shirts, singlets, football style shirts, Hawaiian outfits, denims, tracksuits or similar apparel.

Mobile Phones

The use of mobile telephones is prohibited on the course, in the dining room, lounge or any bar area within the clubhouse. (Except in emergency)

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