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The recent Patio census has thrown up several slightly interesting facts.
A clearly defined split in the groups is apparent with a weekday Mob and a weekend contingent. The weekday regulars are in the main retired and have a degree of decorum and understanding of golf rules and etiquette, running their fiddles with strict regulations and enforcement and whilst welcoming new additions, the Mobsters view these fluffy, over-awed pigeons as a means of increasing the fiddle pot. But woe-betide the newcomer who fails to place his contribution in the communal pot; the decibel level shoots up and the previously friendly Mob show their true colours and as we have all experienced, initiation is merely another form of humiliation.
On the other hand, the weekenders are a younger, more forgiving group and whilst being less in numbers, are considerably more raucous and bar-income supportive. It is probably fair to say that they represent the artisan side of the Club and can muster a wide selection of skills that could result in “The Orangery” being built well within budget, but with the proviso that they would need to appoint a leader acceptable to all. That rules Monty and Gav out, but Rocky or Squeaky Speake might fill the bill.
The Club Championship passed off without incident or rule-breaking (as far as we know) and the Lovely Ollie competed in his last competition by taking his 10th title. A very nice letter addressed to club members indicating his attachment to Evesham and his intention of turning professional in the near future showed the benefit of a 4 year scholarship in the US and we sincerely wish him well in his new career. You have been a credit to the club my boy and perhaps the whingeing no-hopers may return to contest the Championship next year.
For those readers who did not receive a copy of The Journal w/c 7th July, please do not blame your paper-person as this issue was severely restricted, particularly in The Lenches area. Fortunately, free copies are available from Nick Webb, who allegedly purchased a whole consignment in order to acquaint his associates with his recent success in the Championship. Bit of entrepreneurial action there, Nicky!
And finally, the recent Ping Fitting Day drew a reasonable number of Mobsters to the practice ground, but many will have missed the unique sight of the Man of Steele striking four irons over the boundary fence whilst fitting our Gentle Giant Richard Dyde. Rich is left-handed and was gob-smacked to see our professional demonstrate his prowess, also left-handed. Rumour has it that he hits his irons further with a lefty stance and begs the question: Is there no end to Roberto’s talents?

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