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All golfers recognize the season only really starts with the Masters in early April and the Mob duly went through their ritual of complaints ranging from incorrect handicap adjustments and the choice of the guest beer until finally settling on the impact of the county union on EGC related topics. Every club has to consult with their respective county if changes are to be made to the configuration of the golf course and this was actioned when the
Linford layout was devised. However permission must also be gained when the rules of golf are breached and this will have impacted a majority of the UK courses during 2018 due to record dry weather scarring fairways and closely-mown areas. The Patio Mob took it to heart that a local rule allowing a ball coming to rest on a bare part of the fairway must be lifted, cleaned if required and dropped within one club length of the original position. Cries of “what’s happened to the “within 6 inches rule?” were repeated ad nauseam and talk of sending a delegation to see the ever-helpful county secretary was earnestly debated. Exactly what Stuart would make of an dis-organized, probably unruly, contingent from rural Worcestershire would be of great concern to the Management Committee.
On the playing side, Mob members are enjoying varying levels of success; Big Paul Calorgas apparently has a significant bet with his sibling Pocket Dynamo Mike, Dazza Nightingale (in the midst of lessons from The Man of Steele) and Smooth Swinging Stu Ridley. The sketchy details involve achieving a maximum handicap target by the end of the playing year and the Big One struck early with two consecutive reduction cards to get back to playing off eight. The cunning little Mike responded with a Sunday card, so we await something from the chubbier Stu, although don’t hold your breath based on his latest results. As to Daz, Web Spy had the unfortunate opportunity to watch the end of a driver lesson and the the most positive thing to say is that the challenge remains!
And finally, just when we thought we had heard the last of Linford, news comes from his new home that, surprise surprise, Linford is actually a Lynne and is cosying up to a new mate in Bristol….no wonder she kept on pestering ex-chairman Tone. Sadly, Whingeing Phil is beside himself and has not been seen at the club for several days. Yes folks, it’s par for the course at Evesham Golf Club,

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