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They say that change is as good as a rest and with February sliding by with minimal controversy, the Patio Mobsters were somewhat subdued as the new season approached. But wait… sympathy is normally in short supply within the brotherhood, but the report of Whingeing Wheeler being reduced to tears as the trailer carrying Linford to his new abode in Bristol exited the course, was a cause for celebration. Always quotable, Whingeing Phil turned to the river vista, brushed away a tickle of moisture from his cheek and said “I don’t have many friends, but I really liked him and will miss him terribly.” Well, Phil, we do understand and it is perfectly normal in these modern times to have strange friendships, especially when you both have a facial likeness or as Six Pack Parker succinctly put it “Big beaks must stick together”. Phil can always console himself by looking at Linford’s portrait exhibited on the honours board and perhaps the ultimate irony would be for the Whinger to be re-elected Club Captain and then the photographs of the two friends could sit side by side. Enough said.
The Open Weekend was excellently organized by the lovely Pat Saville and the merry band of meeters, greeters and persuaders netted a fine bag of 10 new members across the numerous membership categories. One long service member reckoned it was the best entertainment for years as he sat in the corner nursing a mug of coffee and listening to the varied reasons for considering Evesham as a fine golf club choice. He is considering running a book next year on the likelihood of the more verbose attendees actually signing up or if they were Chatters, Chancers or serial ‘free round with a cake’ punters. And they say Evesham is a rural back-water!

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