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The Patio Mob is now firmly ensconced in their winter location in the Lounge and has announced their presence by passing a local rule banishing the drinking of water during bar opening hours. The logic is three-fold
(a) It tarnishes the ethos of Mob membership
(b) It reduces bar revenue in austere times
(c) There is a fiercely – held conviction that the consumption of copious pints of free water by the tight-fisted Handicap Secretary is enhancing his vicious application of handicap-slashing principles and fuelling his megalomania.

Protestations from the afore-mentioned Slasher that it keeps his arthritis at bay were refuted by the ritual chorus of booing and catcalls.

As golf is not a pre-occupation in the winter months, the obsession with Linford, our resident Rhea, continues apace. His true owner in Harvington is providing a normal diet of specialist seeds, which allied to the natural foraging on the Fladbury links has enabled Linford to develop into a full-sized specimen and capable in depositing ample evidence of residency. The Captain, normally a bird-lover, mainly in the form of freshly butchered pheasants, has complained vociferously that his putting stroke has suffered since Linford’s arrival. Yeah… well.
But it took one of our stalwarts, Whingeing Phil Wheeler, to come up with the most creative recognition token of Linford by asking the following question:
“In 30 years time how will the membership even know that Evesham Golf Club had been the centre of a media frenzy created by a flightless bird?”
Well Phil, although that sounds slightly exaggerated you are to be applauded with your solution – The Linford Trophy ! A cloud-funding site has been opened and early signs are that we can surpass even the magnificent Duc d’Orleans Cup in the trophy cabinet.
Needless to say, The Whinger is not one of the water-quaffing fraternity.
And finally, The Chairman was moved to record his appreciation to the Mens’ Section for controlling their aggression when faced with the substitute guest speaker at the Annual Prize-giving, even though the proffered reason for the non-appearance of the first choice was a closure of the the M6 motorway. Even after several sips of the club Rioja, it still seemed a little thin.

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